Who is who in Star Wars Resistance

We’ve been whining for it for long enough, but now the Resistance trailer has finally dropped! As with all new things, confusion on what we’re looking at exactly is rife, so I’m here to clear things up a bit. Here’s all the characters from the trailer whose names and actors we know.

Christopher Sean as Kazuda Xiono

Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono is Resistance’s main character. It seems Poe Dameron raises him up from the rank and file of the New Republic to become a Resistance spy on the Colossus, a fueling station on a water world where racing ships is a way of life.

Scott Lawrence as Jarek Yeager

A veteran pilot who operates a starship repair shop, Jarek Yeager is an old friend of Poe Dameron’s. He takes in Kazuda, and judging by the trailer he’ll quickly find out Kaz’s true purpose on the Colossus.

Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora

Tam Ryvora works as a mechanic in Yeager’s shop.

Josh Brener as Neeku Vozo

Neeku Vozo is a Kadas’sa’Nikto who also works in Yeager’s shop. He seems very supportive of Kazuda’s desire to race.

??? as Bucket

The last member of Yeager’s crew, Bucket is a battered old astromech droid, who seems to be missing his entire dome. No wonder he feels the need to wear a helmet.

Myrna Velasco as Torra Doza

The competition. Torra Doza is one of┬áKazuda’s rival pilots on Colossus station. She’s not all bad though, she at least doesn’t want Kaz to explode. That’s gotta count for something.

Donald Faison as Hype Fazon

Another racer, Hype is a Rodian. Judging by his own name on his flight suit, he’s probably rather full of himself.

Rachel Batura as Leia Organa

Can’t do a show about the Resistance without its treasured leader popping up now and again. Veteran voice actor Rachel Batura is up to the task of delivering a solid Leia performance.

Other actors are Jim Rash (Flix) and Bobby Moynihan (Orka). But I don’t believe we’ve seen their characters yet. To round the cast off, we’ve got Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie reprising their movie roles. All in all it’s looking like another stellar cast, as is tradition in Star Wars animation!


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