Rebels trailer breakdown – season 3,5

As I’m sure you all know, the trailer for the back half of Rebels season 3 dropped today. Hyped as I am, I was always going to go through it frame by frame. So why not take some screenshots along the way and make sure you guys haven’t missed anything? First, in case you need a refresher, here’s the glorious trailer again. After that, we’ll get underway with this Rebels trailer breakdown.

Ezra in his jammies is looking for Kanan. Instead, he finds the holocrons in pieces. Kanan’s holocron being stuck on Kenobi makes me think Maul was here..
Grand admiral Thrawn’s long con comes to fruition. He’s found the Rebel base on Atollon. It’s going down!
As teased earlier in the season, the Empire has started building TIE Defenders! I’ve only spotted one in the trailer, so I’m assuming it’s a prototype.
Saw Gerrera is on Geonosis, face to face with some containers. Inside may be the Geonosian insecticide that will bring him to a state of near death.
More Rogue One tie-ins as Thrawn gets an escort of death troopers. This could mean he’s part of the Tarkin Initiative.
A rebel is brought before Kallus. Could this be what causes Kallus to out himself as Fulcrum?
Kallus in Ezra’s makeshift home on Lothal. Is he here leading an Imperial investigation, or is this the first place he runs to after properly defecting?
Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and Jan Dodonna all appear. We’ll probably see Mon get exiled from the Senate this season. Also around this timeframe, Bail will fiddle with some records to produce some U-Wings for the Rebellion, so look out for that. More on this and other hints of what to come from the Rogue One Visual Guide soon!
Rebel fleet!
Mon introducing the Ghost crew to the Rebel fleet. The guy in the back bears a striking resemblance to Jon “Dutch” Vander, aka Gold Leader. The other two.. I don’t know. Could be Kes Dameron and Shara Bey.. Could be no-one in particular.
Tarkin is back! Both of these governors look like they really need to get some more sleep. (Stephen Stanton count: 1)
TIE Bombers making a bombing run on the Ghost. Zeb is not amused.
Thrawn drawing a gun is fine and all, but the really interesting bit is the piece of actual McQuarrie concept art behind him!
Sabine shows her mother the darksaber. Note that she’s flanked by both an Imperial supercommando and a regular Mandalorian. Also note the markings on his helmet – they’re similar to the markings on both Sabine’s and Rook Kast’s helmet.
At long last, we meet Sabine’s mom. The protruding bits on the helmet are very Rook Kast-like, but no confirmation yet!
Sabine sparring with Kanan as Fenn Rau looks on. We also see another new toy for Sabine – a lightwhip!
Gar Saxon is back and he’s still unpleasant.
More new toys for Sabine! Pretty soon she’ll be able to take on the whole Empire by herself.
Thrawn looking exceptionally fit. He’s sparring with two Imperial sentry droids here, based on the EU’s Darktrooper design.
Wedge is back! Don’t worry, he won’t get sucked out of this airlock. He needs to live through this so he can die in Empire’s End!
Even poor AP-5 gets attacked this season. (Stephen Stanton count: 2)
Sabine is like a spoiled kid on Christmas morning, so many new playthings! Here, she’s test-driving Ezra’s lightsaber.
..Which she uses to go head to head with a darksaber-wielding Gar Saxon.
Lucky this shield is here, or none of these guys would’ve lived to be in Rogue One.
A New Hope background Imperials are in high demand this season. After Hurst Romodi’s expanded role in Rogue One, Rebels sees the return of Wullf Yularen.
Ezra looking suave in a traditional spacesuit. It looks better on Bossk.. But then again, what doesn’t?
The best Clone Wars droids (fight me) surrounding a desperate Sabine and Zeb. Something tells me there’s an EMP coming soon.
We close off with a lonely old hermit pining away on Tatooine. (Stephen Stanton count: 3)
Maul is here?! But why isn’t he off trying to murderize Palpatine?!
..Ahh, because he’s about to get his ass kicked by Ben Kenobi. Should be a great fight!

I’m sure I’ve missed some things.. But this should be enough to hype you upĀ for the rest of the season. Check out the first double episode “Ghosts of Geonosis” this saturday. It will see Saw Gerrera, Ezra, Kanan, Rex and Chopper investigate just what happened to that classic Clone Wars planet.

Wanna praise my analysis? Tell me you love Sabine as much as I do? Or argue that I shouldn’t cling so hard to the Rook Kast bandwagon? Hit me up on Twitter!

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