New Last Jedi LEGO descriptions

The Star Wars merchandise machine keeps on rolling. As such, early 2018 will see the release of a few new Last Jedi LEGO sets based on the latest Star Wars film. Now, the descriptions of these sets have been found on LEGO’s Russian website. Eurobricks forum member Azani has been kind enough to provide us with translations. These do seem to spoil some minor sequences in the film, so spoilerphobes are probably best off not reading these.

75195 – Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker
Defeat the First Order’s Storm Walker with the help of a super-speeder equipped with skis! Plant the pilot of the Resistance speeder and the First Order troopers in their cabins, ready the guns and get set for an exciting adventure. The set also includes a small shelter with additional weapons and ammunition for even more exciting battles!

75916 – A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer Microfighters
Play out the space battle between Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter and the A-Wing Fighter of the Resistance! Plant the minifigures in the cabins of their ships, load rockets on board and start the fight. The set also includes a mini-station for repairing ships. Good luck, warrior!

75197 – First Order Specialists
Send reinforcements – it’s the battle pack of First Order specialists! Let the First Order gunner take his place, then ready the gun and aim. Guard the weapons with the tough stormtroopers of the First Order, armed with laser axes. Can you defeat the Resistance? It’s all in your hands!

75200 – Ahch-To Island Training
Go along with Rey in search of a hut on the mountainside on one of the islands of the planet Ahch-To! Teach her to use a lightsaber and try to destroy a stone boulder. Sit back by the fire and learn more about the Jedi Order, and then spend the night in order to sleep well before a new day of training.

75201 – First Order AT-ST ATV
Help Finn, Rose and BB-8 capture the unfinished AT-ST! Jump to the suspended lift and climb onto the walker. Turn the steering wheel to deploy the gun, and control the walking pylons to start moving. Lead with fire to retreat to a safe place where you can hold out until reinforcements arrive! Can Captain Phasma stop our heroes before they manage to escape? Their fate is in your hands!

75202 –  Defense of Crait
Prepare the Ski Speeder to battle for the Resistance base against the forces of the First Order! Send the soldier to the laser cannon and other tools installed in the trench, and carefully monitor the movements of the enemy from the command tower. Set the guns on the Ski Speeders and check the serviceability of the engine. When the enemy approaches the base, put Poe in the cockpit and send him to perform another difficult mission. Fight for victory to the last, brave Resistance soldiers!

These sets, along with the as-of-yet unspoiled Solo: A Star Wars Story sets, can be yours early 2018.

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