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A droid who’s aching for a fag at any moment. A lizard who spends as much time on Tinder as on the bounty board. The alcoholic Imperial general who invented the iron cannon. And maybe even the tiniest cameo by yours truly. These are just some of the characters you’ll find on the episodic podcast Star Wars Best In Galaxy.

Best in Galaxy, BIG for short, is what happens when two grown men want to feel like big boys again. Created in 2016 by British comedians Mark Restuccia and Patch Hyde, the podcast started out like many others: As two dudes talking about recent events in Star Wars. There was one slight difference though: They recorded live from Cloud City, Bespin. Throughout their first season, they podcasted their way through the Galaxy Far Far Away, visiting iconic locations like Tatooine and Endor… And as the season went on, they would be joined by more and more guests in the form of iconic Star Wars characters. Usually these would be achieved by one of the two putting on a silly voice. Their guest list would grow to include stormtroopers, droids, aliens, and even the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi, whose stand-up routine leans rather heavily on your momma jokes.

Then Edinburgh Fringe Festival came along and kept Patch busy for about a month. A fledgling podcast on hiatus is usually bad news, but these boys came back stronger than ever. In their second season, they really embraced their strengths, focusing less on discussion of the movies and more on the shenanigans they could get up to in the Star Wars universe. In the BIG canon, Salacious Crumb stole the boys’ podcasting equipment, and they had to go on wacky adventures to get it back, becoming bounty hunters and Jedi along the way. The stand-out episode of the season? Meet The Bounty Hunters – where Stooch and Patch enroll in Bossky’s  academy, meeting hilarious parodies of all your favourite bounty hunters.

Season three, the prequel season, went even more ambitious, telling the story of how Patch and Stooch came to be in the Star Wars universe. They inadvertently became Imperial lackeys (more specifically, Vader’s top chaps) but ended up saving everyone in the end. Season three is also when they really started leaning on the talents of the podcast’s loose cannon, Paul F Taylor. He guested in both prior seasons, but the third season saw him return for nearly every episode. He turned up with insane appearances as gung-ho general Beers, plucky janitor Ol’ Joe, and the ever-gurgling admiral Ackbar. Paul turned out to be the perfect unhinged third wheel to complete the podcast. It’s no surprise his promotion to full-time writer and performer was announced shortly after season three.

Now a trio, the lads have gone drunk with success. They want to take it to the next level. And the best way to do that? Take off the training wheels. The Star Wars universe has served them well, but they’ve chosen to ditch it for their latest season, branded Best In Galaxy season 1. Instead of the glamorous galaxy of junkers and Jedi, we’ll be following a couple of putzes in the most low-rent sci-fi galaxy you’ve ever seen. The creative freedom this grants the BIG boys promises a whole new range of shenanigans to get up to. Check out the premier episode of Best In Galaxy right now!

“Two idiots. One stolen spaceship. One intergalactic crime family. Lots of nutty characters. No way home. One hell of a great audio comic book.

The quadruply award nominated podcast has taken its nutty characters from Star Wars Best in Galaxy and put them in their own worlds. Prepare for something special!”
– Official promo for Best In Galaxy season 1

If none of this succeeded in persuading you, how about this impressive list of different voices each of the lads does?

Stooch Patch Paul
Darth Vader Mr Bossky General Beers
Skoda TK-127 Admiral Ackbar
C4-D7 Salacious Crumb Steve Calrissian
Watto Boba Fett George Lucas
Skoda Mickey the Mandalorian Genga the Hutt
Jimmy P Tarkin Zuckuss Manny Bothan

Best In Galaxy arrives twice monthly at a podcast supplier of your choice. The show is written, produced and performed by Patch Hyde, Mark Restuccia and Paul F Taylor.  Sound editing, design and mix is by Mark Restuccia.
Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, AudioBoom, Player FM, or Stitcher.

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