The Last Jedi easter eggs and cameos

The Last Jedi is a goldmine for new cool Star Wars moments. It is also a film that points to a lot of other media. Callbacks to previous films and Star Wars books are interspersed with references to other films and cameos of famous actors. Now the time has come to get as much The Last Jedi easter eggs and cameos in the limelight. SPOILERS FOR THE LAST JEDI FROM THIS POINT ON

What: Hyperspace tracking
Where:  Rogue One
To make a great connection with Rogue One: When Jyn browses through the archives of the Empire, she comes across a project that is vital for the plot of The Last Jedi.

What:  The Raddus
Where:  Throughout the film
It is unfortunately not mentioned by name in the film, but the main ship of the Resistance fleet has a name steeped in history. Admiral Ackbar named it after his predecessor, Admiral Raddus. You’ll recognize that fishfaced hero from Rogue One, where he was in charge of the fleet above Scarif.

What:  “I have a bad feeling about this”
Where:  BB-8
Observant fans will have noticed: These iconic words aren’t audibly spoken. Director Rian Johnson, however, has already said why. BB-8 is in fact the one who speaks it to Poe at the beginning of the film. Happy beeps, buddy, it’ll be fine.

What: Recurring minor characters
Where:  Anywhere in the Resistance
The original movies were great in many respects, but the continuity of the Rebel Alliance was lacking. Outside of the core cast, Wedge Antilles was the only rebel who appeared in multiple films. This time it’ss different. Admiral Ackbar, Nien Nunb, Vober Dand, Bollie Prindel, C’ai Threnalli, Pamich Nerro Goode and Caluan Ematt are all background characters who return from The Force Awakens. Kaydel Ko Connix, the character played by Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, even received a promotion and a bigger role.

What:  First Order dreadnaught
Where:  Battlefront II DLC
The new giant monster which devastated the Resistance base on D’Qar is the Mandator IV Siege Dreadnought. This ship receives payback with some well-placed bombs from a Resistance bomber. The campaign DLC for Battlefront II teaches us how the pilots of the Resistance managed to find the weak spot of the ship. Battlefront II protagonist Iden Versio finds the schematics for the dreadnought and we see them reach Leia’s hands.

What:  Luke’s compass
Where:  Luke’s hut on Ahch-To
Another link with Battlefront II is the compass. In the game you play a mission as Luke Skywalker on the planet Pillio, where Luke finds this instrument in one of the Emperor’s secret vaults. Was this compass he needed to find the temple on Ahch-To?

What:  Green Milk
Where:  Ahch-To
As a young man Luke had it easy. His Aunt Beru served him his daily dose of blue milk, but he never had to wonder where it came from. In perhaps the least appetizing scene of The Last Jedi Luke, we see him milk a thala-siren himself to get his nutrients.

 What:  Spearfishing
Where:  Ahch-To
Luke’s other way to gain food is a long spear to fish with. In the book Legends of Luke Skywalker, we already read how Luke has learned to spearfish on the planet Lew’el.

What:  Leia hologram
Where:  R2’s database
In a “cheap move” to persuade Luke to train Rey, R2 shows something from his memory banks that encourages Luke to take action: The original hologram of Princess Leia begging Obi-Wan Kenobi for help. This is transferred directly from A New Hope.

Who:  Darth Sidious
Where:  From Luke’s mouth
Where The Force Awakens kept it tame in regards to references to the prequels, Luke drops a big name here: Darth Sidious. This name was never mentioned in the original trilogy. The fact that Luke knows the name means that he has really done his homework…

Who:  Noah Segan
Where:  X-wing cockpit
This man has so far been in all of Rian Johnson’s films, and The Last Jedi is no exception. His character, Starck, is an X-wing pilot. He can be most easily spotted wishing A-wing pilot Tallie Lintra a good flight… just before Kylo Ren blows up the entire hangar around them. RIP Noah Segan.

What:  Leia’s Force powers
Where: The bridge of the Raddus
When Kylo’s wingmates to blow up the Raddus’bridge, it’s looking bad for the Resistance. Admiral Ackbar and the rest of the leaders are all sucked into the vacuum of space. Fortunately Leia’s Skywalker blood is put to good use and she manages to get herself to safety. This is not the first time she utilizes the Force though. In Empire Strikes Back she was the one who found Luke after his fight with Darth Vader. In Leia: Princess of Alderaan, a young Leia saves herself and classmate Kier Domadi from a nasty fall while mountain climbing. And in another book, Bloodline, she used her talents to make an impossible shot. Leia may not be trained, but she has a Force to be reckoned with.

Who:  Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo
Where: Leia: Princess of Alderaan
One of the great new characters in The Last Jedi is Amilyn Holdo, played by Laura Dern. We get to know her as one of Leia’s oldest friends. And the plan to make a final stand on the planet Crait was also her idea. Readers of Claudia Gray’s book Leia: Princess of Alderaan will know why. In this book we see the relationship between these two characters develop, and we learn how the two ladies learn of the rebel base on Crait.

What:  Alderaan
Where:  Canto Bight
Alderaan itself obviously can’t make a cameo anymore. The planet got blown to smithereens about 35 years prior to The Last Jedi. However, part of the planet lives on: The Canto Bight novel tells us that the trees in this city of opulence sprouted from seeds of Alderaanian chinar trees. Other things making an appearance from the book are the artificial(!) ocean and many of the book’s main characters. Anglang Lehet, Ubialla Gheal, Derla Pidys, the Grammus sisters, Kaljach Somner, and the Lucky Three can all be spotted, if only for a second.

Who:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Where:  Canto Bight
When Finn and Rose illegally park their shuttle on Canto Bight’s beach, there’s an Abednedo that immediately sells them out to the Canto Bight Police Department: Slowen Lo. This alien is played by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has so far been in all of Rian Johnson’s films.

Who:  The Hamill family
Where:  Canto Bight
Mark Hamill’s role in The Last Jedi is already much bigger than his part in The Force Awakens. Yet it was not enough for the actor, as he has managed to snare a second role. Dobbu Scay, the small alien that mistakes BB-8 for a slot machine, is voiced by the Jedi Master. Later he can be heard uttering a Joker-like laugh as the fathiers race through the casino and Dobbu is able to collect more casino chips than he can carry. Mark’s sons Nathan and Griffin  can also be seen in the film, as Resistance soldiers on Crait.

Who:  Gary Fisher
Where:  Canto Bight
Aside from Billie Lourd, there’s another relative of Carrie Fisher who found his way to the big screen. Her cheerful dog Gary, who she always brought with her in interviews and on set, is immortalized in The Last Jedi. This shot was achieved with an animatronic doll based on Gary’s likeness.

Who:  Warwick Davis
Where:  Canto Bight
Another familiar face is incognito at Canto Bight. Warwick Davis, known as the Ewok Wicket, makes his traditional masked appearance. After Wicket, Wald, Weazel, Wollivan and Weeteef Cyubee, it’s only fitting that this character’s name also starts with a W: Wodibin.

Who:  Yoda
Where:  Ahch-To
Missed you, have I. Grand Master Yoda returns to teach Luke one final lesson. Frank Oz brings Yoda back in the same way he did decades ago: With nothing but a doll and a silly voice. Do not think lightly of the old Jedi, because he immediately reminds us that Force ghosts can still greatly influence their environment.

What:  Hardware Wars
Where:  The Supremacy
When Rose, Finn, BB-8 and DJ infiltrate the Supremacy, they first steal clothes from a laundry room. This scene opens with a shot of an iron, making it seem as if a very strangely shaped ship is landing. Not only is this just plain funny, it also refers to Hardware Wars, a short film from 1978. In this recreation of A New Hope an iron plays the role of the Millennium Falcon. If you’re curious, you can check it out right here.

What:  A severed hand
Where:  Snoke
In true Star Wars tradition, a hand is once again agressively separated from its owner. When Kylo Ren uses Rey’s lightsaber to disembowel Snoke, he doesn’t just cut the evil overlord in half… In the same motion he also cuts his hands from his soon-to-be lifeless body.

What:  Crait
Where:  A galaxy far, far away
As mentioned above, this is not the first time Crait appears. The book Leia: Princess of Alderaan had princess Leia and Amilyn Holdo pay the planet a visit. Also, a soldier from the Rogue One visual dictionary was stationed at the base. And later this month we’ll see a new comic in which Luke and Leia must defend the base against Imperial stormtroopers: Storms of Crait.

Who:  Gareth Edwards, Oscar and Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish
Where:  Crait
These directors are good friends with Rian Johnson, and have thus deserved to be blasted into oblivion by the First Order. Search Crait well, and you will find them. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards is the easiest to spot. In the trenches of Crait, he’s the soldier next to the guy that tastes the salt.

What:  The Jedi books
Where:  The Millennium Falcon
Blink and you miss it, but the last scene in the Falcon conveys some important information. As Finn grabs a blanket for Rose from a drawer, we see the Jedi books that were in the tree on Ahch-To. It seems Rey has every intention to use them to learn more about the ways of the Force. Luke already said it: He will not be the last Jedi.

What:  A tribute to Carrie Fisher
Where:  Credits
When the credits start to roll, that’s it. Unlike many Marvel flicks, there’s no extra scenes to tease any upcoming movies. However, it pays to stay in your seat while the credits are rolling. You’ll soon find a touching tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. The Last Jedi is dedicated to her.

There are certainly more easter eggs and references in The Last Jedi. If you have any tips, do not hesitate to contact us!

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